Herbron introduces the Zamaxx door handles line
A light and modern handle manufactured in Zamak. This new designs will complete a wide range of possibilities with a mix of materials (solid brass, alluminum, stainless steel and zamak) and products ranging from classics designs to modern and contemporary.

August 2013
Herbron introduces the new Steelmaxx handles
According to the growing demand of stainless steel hardware, Herbron introduces Steelmaxx brand, with a complete line of handles made on stainless steel with modern designs. With Steelmaxx brand, Herbron starts offering the most complete product line based on solid or engraved brass, aluminum, iron and stainless steel.

August 2010
Herbron announce the production of the best solid brass hinges of the market
After years of market research, herbron launches the new solid brass hinges family. With hinges ranging from 80mm to 160mm and with all the available finishes, the line is born to succeed. Herbron hinges are produced in Argentina for the local and international market with the highest quality standard.

August 2010
New Ironmaxx Bolt - Premium Quality made in Argentina
Herbron introduces Ironmaxx bolt. Made on engraved iron available on black or withe powder coating or zinc plated. Designed strong and with standard features it adds to the Ironmaxx product line which offers door handles made on iron with modern designs.

The new bolt was developed entirely in Argentina and is manufactured locally with the highest international standards.

With the new Ironmaxx bolt, HerBron confirm its long tradition delivering good quality, great prices and generating jobs strengthening the local communities.

September 2009
New Ironmaxx Brand – The Iron Hardware Revolution
Herbron introduces Ironmaxx Brand, the new concept on iron hardware. Ironmaxx will offer high quality hardware developed on iron with robust and modern designs. The first product will be the “Round” door handle and pull handle, available on satin black and white epoxy finished on standard basis and in a wide range of colors upon request.

Ironmaxx will add more products in order to complete the largest iron hardware line with the highest quality in the market.

Ironmaxx Brand it will became a new option in the hardware market, offering final users the chance to get a modern, robust and economic hardware.

June 2008
“Madison” the new door handle for the High-End Market
Herbron introduced the brand new “Madison” Door Handle. Modern style design and a variety of functionalities will made this door handle a success, also it will contribute to enlarge the company’s high-end door handles offer, that started with the introduction of the “Celta” door handle.

The new “Madison” Door Handle is available on all finishes and delivered on boxes containing one pair of handles with two key holes.

Once again, herbron commitment to highest quality at the best price will be reflected on this product.

May 2008
Herbron introduces the new “Celta” Door Handle
Herbron will offer the brand new “Celta” Door Handle. Classic design and a variety of functionalities will made this door handle a success, also it will contribute to enlarge the company’s door handles offer.

The new “Celta” Door Handle will be available on all finishes and will be delivered on boxes containing one pair of handles with two key holes.

Once again, herbron commitment to quality will be reflected in this product.

October 2007
New Customer Phone Number
Beginning November 30th the new customer phone number will be +5411-4137-6900.

October 2007
Herbron to showcase company products and services at the upcoming FITECMA 2007
Herbron will be presenting all the company products and services at the upcoming International Wood and Technology Show. FITECMA 2007 is taking place July 3-7, at La Rural in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Herbron together with BBO, will be presenting in FITECMA 2007 is taking place al La Rural, Predio Ferial de Buenos Aires, located on Sarmiento 2704, Palermo, Buenos Aires.

Julio 2007
The CGH Brand is now HerBron
Since February 1st Herbron is proud to offer the complete line of products previously offered only by CGH. This was the result of a strategic alliance between both companies.

This agreement will allow for a powerful commercialization strategy for herbron that will compliment its line of products and achieve a new standard in quality. The agreement will also yield benefits for clients to access new purchase volume discounts and promotions.

This alliance is part of an annual herbron program that will consolidate the growth of its hardware offerings, ramping up handle offerings by adding the Sanatorio line to those already offered as part of the Biselada and Ministerio lines.

Junio 2007
Customize jobs
Herbron has developed an exclusive team dedicated to special projects which will allow the company to offer tailor made solutions for builders.

Junio 2007